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The Hits of Yesteryear

Musical entertainment
Hi and welcome to my website. I have been playing music for as long as I can remember. My mum took me to see Jailhouse Rock when I was 3 and something got inside me that day that became a part of who I am. I had an old tennis raquet at home which became my impromptu guitar and with the hip swivels and pelvic gyrations  Mum discovered she has a little Elvis at home.
Mum and dad worked at Mercury Records in Richmond so we always had a healthy selection of 45's and that's where I developed a love for the hits of the 40's and 50's.
At age 8 I began taking piano lessons but didn't like the classical material I was forced to learn. As soon as my formal practice was over I would experiment with the sounds I was hearing on the radio. I remember at around age 13, going into Brashes in Melbourne and buying sheet music for songs like Love is Blue, Ginger Man and Boppin The Blues..
Soon after this I took up the guitar and it has remained my instrument of choice. I fell in love with the beautiful harmonious acoustic sounds of James Taylor, Eva cassidy and Cat Stevens, the crooners like Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra and Englebert and the hitsters of the 60's like Gary Puckett, Burt Bacharach and Elvis.
My song list consists of the old jazz standards of the 30's and 40's,  the pop and love songs of the 50's and 60's, and the folk and soft rock songs of the 70's. I like to take my listeners on a musical journey back to yesteryear, through the decades and songs of romance that influenced me. I am a qualified PCA and Disability Support Worker so understand the issues and have a special empathy for the elderly. I look forward to saying hi at one of my shows.